Rotary projects have local, national and international dimensions.  The Rotary Club of Wicklow has a few prominent fundraising projects and community activities. The support of the public and business in these projects is very much appreciated. As well as funding activities the club has some "hands on" projects to assist the local community. Clubs look at their local communities' needs and run projects that they feel will best benefit those around them.


Nell Healy Wicklow Parish People of the year awards in association with The Rotary Club of Wicklow

The Wicklow Parish People of the Year Awards provides an opportunity for the people of Wicklow parish to acknowledge individuals and groups or organisations who have made a real difference to their community. There are many unsung heroes living in our community. The awards mark the huge contribution that these individuals and groups made to our community, over the previous 12 months, prior to the awards ceremony

The awards will be made at a function where those people will be recognised for their contribution to their community. The people of the parish can nominate their chosen nominee who must live in the parish of Wicklow (incl. Rathnew). This can be done using the attached nomination form. These voting procedures are simple and reduce the amount of work for the committee selected to oversee the process.

The use of social media and local press and notice boards will be used to highlight the process and procedures of the awards

The winners March 2017

The annual golf Classic 

Held at Blainroe Golf Club during the Summer, raises funds to finance local, district and international support needs.


 Remembrance Tree

 The club erects a Christmas tree in the centre of Wicklow, for 2 weeks leading up  to  Christmas. People can post messages of remembrance on the tree for loved ones who have passed away. While there is no charge, donations are welcome, and 100% of donations are passed on to deserving charities.

The RIBI Young Chef Competition

encourages and promotes a valuable life skill among young people aged from 11 to 17. 

Youth Leadership Competition 

in local schools to prepare young people for life after school.

Xmas  Tree 2015 

 Bikes  Project   2014

School Garden  Shed

 Shelter Box 

 Boks Event 

    Jolie Rider     

Ladies Lunch